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Should it be more apt to use 2004 clip than 1994 clip? [edited]

I was watching the National Day rally that ended moments ago and thought would like to add my less-than-a-dime thought having saw a clip of the 1994 Malaysia Cup Final win over Pahang by the Singapore team.

The Prime Minister was quoting someone who shared with that moment as a 17 year-old by saying that "The most memorable moment during the whole Malaysia Cup, to me, was not the players, instead, the integrity of the fans, to come together as one, and only in this competition where we see strangers become good friends and buddies become families," (as mentioned on this report).

Okay, while it was a fact back then everything came to a standstill and everyone was gluing to the live telecasting on their television, but I thought the clip below would be a better choice to illustrate that point.

After all, that illustrated point took place right at home in 2004.

- Kallang Roar, Kallang Wave... how I miss you both...

Gathered some thoughts from the blog's FB page and my FB feedback follow the posting up of the entry last night.
"Everything that happened in 1994 was indeed sweet memory.. The whole season was magical. Matches after matches... We'd march down to the National Stadium to roar as a nation. 2004 was also memorable...but It was just a one off excitement isn't it.."
"as usual, too much coverage/exposure given to Malaysia Cup days over the 'more successful' years afterwards..."


  1. This is wht I hve to say

    While even our PM Lee like to jump on the bandwagon to tell us how he believe the sport of football can unite Singapore, I also know if the sport get into financial difficulties like PSV, it can expect nobody to help it regardless of how many of the politicians - opposition or government - keep jumping on the already crowded bandwagon.

    This is the situation in Singapore and that is why I keep talking about money for Singapore football have nobody to rely on if it ever ran into problems.

  2. i pardon your ignorance...that was 40,000 singapore fans as an away crowd cheering for our nation? do u get to see such a number of away fans in our away games nowadaes?


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