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everything is PRIORITY, the league is getting the LEAST PRIORITY!

Who wouldn't want to see Singapore football prosper unless he/she doesn't give a damn.

Whilst we are experiencing that bit of little "renaissance" taking place since 28th July, let just not get too carry away and it's time to get real.

I am kind of agree with what former Straits Times' Sports Editor Godfrey Robert said in his column in his recent column published in The New Paper.

The League title race is expected to stretch due to the rescheduling of fixtures
The veteran journalist suggested that more emphasis should be place on the S.League and added disruption to the league fixtures should be at its minimum.

His concern is not without any valid reason.

Since with the upcoming World Cup qualifiers and the pending Presidential elections, the league is set to brace itself another round of league rescheduling.

And heaven knows if the league fixtures would be completed in time as scheduled on early November, especially when there are talks of having the season be end at later part of that month.

The consequence of having the season end on a later date would present another set of problems be faced by the league authority and the clubs during the closing stages of the fixtures.

"Now the clubs will be wondering when the season going to end, as it could lead to a few issues such as extend the players' contracts, the lodging of those foreign players." said a friend from the fraternity whom I spoke with as he shares his thoughts on the issue.

"What do you mean the stay is extend?"

While those above-mentioned views may be seen as 'closing stage problems', another acquaintance from the scene opined on issues that could be facing all during the "post season".

"The players will face a shorter resting time during off season, on top of that the maintenance of the fields will also be facing the squeeze because of the prolonged season.

"Coupled with other issues such as the beep test and scouting for new players, etc., the problems would just carry forward to the next season!" he added.

Grievances mentioned aren't anything new actually and honestly speaking these issues aren't likely to resolve any time soon (if so, it would have done so long time if not for procrastination, right?)

Said the earlier friend that:"We must have a backup plan and also should have a number of international matches, regardless of our World Cup Qualifier results, scheduled according to the original schedule list handed out early this season."

"Think about it, if we were knocked out earlier by Malaysia, at least these (international) friendlies would get us well prepare for tournaments such as SEA Games, AFF Championship and good showing in those friendly matches would help to boast our FIFA ranking, why not?" he reasoned by stated our Lions' recent ranking jumped eleven places to 131.

Lions' FIFA ranking jumped to 131 after beating Malaysia weeks ago
"After all, if schedules, barring those unforeseen circumstances like the recent general elections, were followed according to plan, the clubs would at least have an idea what to plan for in a systematic manner, yet it seems to me that while everything is PRIORITY, the league is getting the LEAST PRIORITY!"

"So without a strong league, what are we talking about building a stronger national team?" he concluded.

Indeed, how well a national team performs also have to depend on the how strong its domestic league is and here we are not just talking about the standard of play but also how well the league system is in place to ensure the smooth functioning of it.


  1. Aiyah, I think we all agree that there is scheduling problem, and that things could be done better.
    But as a Lions supporter, I'm not very impressed with the way Godfrey Robert dismissed our chance. The real problem is the scheduling, not us playing in 3rd round. He sounds like saying we should not waste time since we cannot qualify anyway, but if that is the case, what is the point of having the S-League in the first place? To build a strong national team? How strong? ASEAN Cup? Asia Cup? World Cup?

  2. pohui... i am puzzled as why u didnt criticize the foreign policy in the national team. So u mean with PRs we can build a stronger national team? A strong league with many PRs and foreign teams like albirex n etoile make things better?


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