Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kung-Fu Friendly as Cubs beat the Indonesian U23...

(P.S:Things were made so easy now since the opening of the Pioneer MRT station, located within strolling distance of the Jurong West Stadium.)

The Cubs redeemed themselves after that Malaysian thrashing by beating the Indonesian U23 at the Jurong West Stadium, although they clearly knew it very much that much work needed to be done if they want to be seen as a favourite of the year-end SEA Games.

2-0 was the scoreline as the Cubs finished off the Indonesian guests with two well-taken goals in each half but not without any incident that made the match a mockery of that as a friendly with four players (two from Singapore, one on-field and one bench player of the visiting side) being sent off by referee Abas Daud.

The only "friendly" moment of the game?

The Cubs celebrate their second goal of the night...

Fans at the terraces.

"Cool it guys!! it's just a friendly match"


  1. Nice picture!Thanks.

    I hope there are videos to watch the goals.

  2. Hi Donar,

    I actually thought of that but due to some difficulties with the security arrangement I decided to scrap the idea to avoid being deemed as a "trouble-maker"

    With Regards


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