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Match Day Ritual (Bishan)

I think it is a fun idea to detail what we, football fans in Singapore, would normally do before heading to the ground.

Maybe, here's a try at Bishan, right across where I lived. (Picture above the description.)

First and foremost, meet up with your friends at the Bishan MRT station.

If you guys think it is still too early to be part of the white elephant, "Junction 8" is always a good choice to hang around, settle your "makan" at one of the many eating outlers inside this shopping mall.

If you think the price is not right at the mall's eating outlets. The coffeeshop, right above the bus interchange, would offer you guys a better option.

Still too early for you guys? The newly-opened library is just next door (but warning to you all - it's pretty noisy at times despite being a library!!)

But the sunse, it's time to head to the stadium via this slope...

Aren't you guys relieved that you filled up your stomach by then? So as to avoid those bland stuff provided by the operators?

Don't get me wrong, I was early at that time to snap this picture of the main stand.

Despite their very best effort to wipe out "free-loaders", there's still many ways to enjoy the match.. Ooops

If you felt a bit uptight at the main stand, open gallery like this is a best option (and it's more cooling too).

.. It's also where you bound to hear and see the "real" football fans of Singapore.

.. And if you can't face the "reality", come back to the main stand, where you are always welcome to have a better view of the game.


  1. I came to realize that actually no matter where and which stadium you go to, it seems that there's not difference in what i mentioned in this blog entry.

    Perhaps, due to the "duplicating" effort by the town planners, you bound to have similar pre or post match experience on match days..

    Sad :(


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