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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Really in a LIMBO..

In one of my earlier posts (with the image of it placed above), l shown a bit of concern on both Itimi Dickson and Agu Casmir.

Having not able to secure a contract following their release from the Young Lions, I was a bit worried if these two naturalized players would be left fighting for their own survival.

And it appeared that I had been worrying too much.

When I turned out at the national team's training session, one of the notable absentees was Itimi Dickson.

It was made known the following day that he is currently on a trial cum holiday in Italy, much to the dismay of the national team's selectors, who were left in the dark till then.

While it was later confirmed that Agu had signed for Indonesian club, Persija Jakarta but back out from his agreement with the Indonesian before kicking a ball and headed to the freezing Russia for a try out.

Of course, the guys in the Indonesia capital aren't pleased at all and having every rights to voice their grievances.

In such a bizarre turn of events could eventually see the premature end of the career of Agu Casmir, if Persija decided to file a complaint to FIFA.

While a lengthy ban on him might be handed out from breaking his contract with Persija, however the ultimate impact will be his reputation.

As Persija has a strong case in their hands against Agu.

It's not a matter of returning the signing-on fee of US$20k but it's the matter of principle and trust.

Think about it, would one sign a skillful player or a fickle-minded player (probably those clubs like Portsmouth or Parma would, who are currently struggle in their domestic campaign.).

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  1. Such unprofessional attitude. I hope FAS reviews thoroughly their foreign talent policy, after this incident. Or maybe we need a total FAS shakeup. Even our national team is still not as good as Thailand. I hope the sports school gets us more talented and disciplined soccer youths.


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