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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Compilation of thoughts after 4-0 defeat to Jordanians in Asian Cup Qualifiers 2015

It's never right for me to comment on anything when I never see the game for myself and had to depend much on the match reports and reviews following the 4-0 defeat to the Jordanians in the Asian Cup Qualifiers in Amman.

In its assessment of the game shown live online via “xinmsn”, online portal Football OPOD wote:”In the space of eight weeks since the Lions’ regional success, it appeared in the tame 0-4 surrender to the 2011 Asian Cup quarter-finalists that they had returned whatever they had been taught in dealing with Middle East opponents back to Avramovic.”

The same report also highlighted interim coach V Sundramoorthy's much criticized defensive approach that he used so often in his Lions XII campaign, in spite of having much balanced squad as compared to those he led in the Malaysian campaign.

Such an approach was also mentioned by TODAY newspaper when it mentioned:”... the gulf in class showed as Jordan made camp in the Singapore half throughout most of the match, despite interim Lions coach V Sundramoorthy’s move to start with a defensive line-up, stringing Daniel Bennett, Baihakki Khaizan, Safuwan Baharudin and Shakir Hamzah behind the defensive midfield duo of Isa Halim and Noh Rahman.”

The flaw of the defensive tactics was singled out as the mainstreamer's story was these happenings were details.

“Two goals in quick succession then put paid to Singapore’s hopes of stealing a draw. A superb solo effort from Khalil Zaid Khali Baniateyah in the 54th minute was followed by Ahmad Hayel’s strike two minutes later, when seven Singapore defenders in the box were unable to prevent the Jordanian striker from curling his shot beyond Izwan’s reach.

Ahmad Hayel then went on to grab a second goal for himself in the 73rd minute, dribbling through the Singapore defence with his right foot, before unleashing a left-footed shot that went through Safuwan’s legs en route.”

In his/her short post after the game, blogger “happy” of “S-league: Facts & Figures” concluded the day with this thoughts “Not wanting to sound like an old maid but I will still repeat - We need a West Asian tour every year like back in Ho Peng Kee era, whoever is the next FAS president as let not kid ourselves; playing Malaysia teams are nothing compared to West Asian sides and it is the only way to improve.”

But nothing beat this above depicted image that sums up every Lions loss after the final whistle was blown (I think no one can dispute that).

Anyway, it's still months before we met the Omanis in JBS... anything can happen, who knows?

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  1. Let's have more new citizens for Lions in Asia and World tourneys. The born and bred locals can compete in Asean and Sea Games...


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