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[Instant Reaction] SEA GAMES Group B: Laos 0-0 Singapore

PREVIEW A lot of you guys out there must be absolutely gutted and @$%&* when it was announced that Mediacorp decided to DELAY instead of LIVE telecast the Laos-Singapore match. But, hey, no point of crying over a cup of spilled milk, check out this site ( ) tomorrow (or today, if you read this post on 10th Dec 2009) to see if there's any livestreaming of the match. On the other hand, questions had been raised on whether we are being too dependent on "set-pieces" when scoring goals, as some fans voiced their concern over the lack of creativity in the attacking play. At least one reader "happy" have this to say in his comment posted on the recent entry of the Cubs-Myanmar game . 4) Using set-piece is the way to score in international football & the U23 shld be credited for being able to do that as we need to understand interntional football has a few chances and most of it is from set play So it is a step forward for S'

[Event] Tottenham Hotspur International Player Development Course (Singapore) from 11th-20th December 2009 [CLOSED]

Event poster from " Football-Asia " (P.S: Below is a message brought to you by Strategic Public Relations Group Singapore, a renowned public relations consultancy who are coordinating the above-mentioned event) Details: Organized by Football Asia in partnership with English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Hosted by The Cage , Singapore's premier indoor football facility. The Tottenham Hotspur International Player Development Course Singapore will be headed by former Tottenham Hotspur captain and England international, Gary Mabbutt , MBE. The contingent from Tottenham Hotspur will be on a 9 day visit from the 11th to the 20th of December to coincide with the school holidays. Will feature a training course which is open to children from 6 to 16 years old which will be held at the Cage from 14th to 18th December . The fee for the course will be $388 , and it will include a full training kit, course certificate, medal and a host of other goodies. Gary Mabbutt , will h

[SEA Games] Group B - Myanmar 1-2 Singapore [edited]

The mascot of the game - " Champa " THE PREVIEW For the reason that I can't catch the game while at work (it's scheduled to kick off at 1600hrs-Singapore time). So would have to rely on good men and women out there to do me a favour by update me the scores by whatever means, thanks. Nonetheless, I managed to gather some comments and thoughts from fellow football fans on the mentioned fixture. A must win game for the Lions (Cubs) nothing else but a victory, (I) th(in)k the more experience(d) players like Shaiful Esah and (Hariss) Harun will get on(to) the scoresheet. (I) think (it will be a) rather a low scoring affair, if the Cubs don't repeat their defensive lapses like they did against Indonesia, 1-0 to the Cubs (against Myanmar).” Jeremy Chia, a self-proclaimed soccer fanatic I know if they can focus for ninety minutes and not get carried away with early goals scored they can win and go on to qualify for finals.” 'Greenrover', a long-time observer of

[Instant Reaction] SEA Games Group B : Singapore 2-2 Indonesia

Catch the game in my living room, no taker of the "SKYPE-IN" for this last-minute gimmick . The Indonesian paid the price for showing little respect to the Singaporeans'"dead-ball" supremacy as their slacking defending allowed the Cubs to make full use of those sloppiness and stabbed in two goals in less than half an hour since the kick-off. A great header from Safuan Baharudin propelled the Cubs to a morale-boasting lead as early as 7min. 24th minute saw the Cubs extended their lead from "golden left-footer" Shaiful Esah, who created the first goal, after the Indonesian 'keeper misjudged the ball that floated in from the right. The Cubs started off well in the first half against a stoned Indonesians, who bounced back in the second to turn the table. But skipper Isa Halim was guilty for his part for failing to stop the ball from the left flank, before the ball was played into the six-yard box to allow the young Garudas to pull one back before the e