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Empowering Singapore Footballers With Financial Literacy Thru' SGX Cares

(This entry is formulated based on the media release issued by SGX Group, to which the images depicted below are credited)

SGX will run a financial training camp for footballers
SGX will run a financial training camp for footballers

Following their collaboration with Lion City Sailors Football Club in 2022 to equip their footballers with essential financial management skills with a series of workshops, the Singapore Exchange (SGX Group) widened that approach with an announcement made this morning (3rd April 2024) of another new initiative on a wider scope.


In partnership with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and as part of SGX Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, SGX Cares, where financial literacy is one of the key pillars, the training camp is curated to equip the footballers with the fundamentals of financial management and investing which are essential building blocks to financial resilience.

Close to 500 footballers from the Singapore Premier League (SPL) and Women’s Premier League (WPL) will attend the abovementioned training camp that differs from the usual ones they have on the field later this month where they will pick up some pointers from industry experts on managing their personal finances and investments both during their football careers and beyond.

Mr Chan Kum Kong, SGX Group's Head of Research, Retail and Intermediaries, stressed the importance of prudent financial planning.

“Regardless of your chosen profession, we believe you also need to take charge of your financial health. You can’t afford to passively save your way to retirement." said Mr Chan in a media statement issued shortly after the announcement.

"We hope that by encouraging footballers to kick start their investment journey early, they can better prepare for their retirement from the competitive circuit and safeguard their financial future.” he added.


The thoughts were echoed by Young Lions' skipper Farhan Zulkifli who was present in the announcement which was held in SGX Centre.

"As a young footballer, I’ve learned that success on the field is only part of the game. Taking control of my financial future is just as important. Learning about personal finance and investments early on in this training camp will empower me to secure a stable future for myself beyond my playing days." shared the 22-year-old defender. 

Farhan Zulkifli (extreme left) with the rest of the SPL team representatives

Also present at the event was BG Tampines Rovers WPL captain Iffah Amrin who believes such an initiative will benefit her and her peers.

"Investing in these educational tools not only benefits us individually but also highlights the need for more support and access to financial literacy for women in general," said Iffah.

"I’m eager to witness how this program equips us both on and off the field. For us, women’s footballers, who often find ourselves a step behind, initiatives like this are crucial steps towards progress." she added.

Also sharing his thoughts on this new initiative was FAS General Secretary Yazeen Buhari.

"We are pleased to collaborate with SGX Cares on this initiative for our footballers in the SPL and WPL. The welfare and wellbeing of our footballers are important focuses of the FAS, and such financial literacy we believe is an essential life skill for their next phase of their career beyond football." said Mr Yazeen in the same media statement mentioned above.

SGX Academy will conduct the financial literacy training camp before the SPL season commences in May. Apart from footballers from the SPL and WPL first-team squads and coaching staff, the under- 21 footballers will also be encouraged to attend the training camp.


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