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Sailors Learning The Importance of Financial Literacy From SGX

The workshop was conducted by SGX Academy trainer, Chua I-Min, who covered the basics of financial planning and investing
SGX's Mr Chua I-Min conducts the workshop with LCS players

As many said the career lifespan of a professional football player is a short one, therefore it is very important to have sound financial planning just in case any uncertainty could derail anything that is smooth sailing.

With that thought in mind, the first-team players from the Lion City Sailors (LCS) attended a financial planning workshop jointly organized by the club and SGX Group.


The aim of "SGX Cares Financial Literacy Workshop" is to equip professional footballers with fundamental knowledge in managing their personal finances and investments during their football careers and beyond.

Mr Chan Kum Kong, Head of Research, SGX Group
Mr Chan Kum Kong, Head of Research, SGX Group

"Our players are our most important assets – and we want to create the best possible environment for them to fully focus on their work on the pitch while also equipping them for life beyond football," said LCS Sporting Director Mr Badri Ghent in his opening address before the commencement of the abovementioned workshop at the Lion City Sailors Training Centre at Mattar Road.

"We’re appreciative that SGX Group is working with us on this series of workshops that we hope will become a key part of our efforts to help players prepare for options after their playing careers.” he added.

LCS players listening attentively to the talk

Financial literacy is one of the key pillars of SGX Cares, and this workshop is part of this initiative, explained Mr Chan Kum Kong, Head of Research, SGX Group.

"It (financial literacy) is something we feel is necessary to help empower individuals to take charge of their future, and we also understand the needs of these professional footballers who may have a short career on the football pitch.

"Through this series of workshops, the knowledge in managing their finances early and to start investing will serve them well in the years to come.” said Mr Chan who shared his thought with those in attendance.

The workshop was conducted by SGX Academy trainer, Chua I-Min, who covered the basics of financial planning and investing.


While it was a short interactive session, the LCS players do, however, realised the importance of financial planning for the future.

LCS skipper Hariss Harun
LCS skipper Hariss Harun

"We’re grateful that the club has worked with SGX to help us on this front,” said LCS captain Hariss Harun, one of the players who attended the workshop.

“It’s important for us players to prepare ourselves for what comes after we hang up our boots. Some of us have already started to plan for that – whether it’s going to school, setting up a business, or coaching – and financial literacy is definitely a tool that will help us whatever we choose to do." added the Singapore national team captain.

LCS defender Nur Adam Abdullah
LCS defender Nur Adam Abdullah 

Sharing similar sentiments was Hariss' partner on the field Nur Adam Abdullah.

"You don’t learn a lot about how to take care of your finances when you’re in school, but it is clearly an important life skill that can help make sure you will continue to be able to take care of your family in the future. I’m looking forward to learning more and putting things into practice so that I can have a good platform to grow my finances.” 21-year-old defender.


  1. it is good to see these adhoc informations relayed down. Back then Asia Pacific of Sports & Business have conducted Sports Leadership to prepare them for their second career after sports of which many graduated and have beennin sports industry domestically and oversea.

  2. Finance literacy is the KEY to make a difference and determine life after football

  3. Indeed, the earlier one starts building your wealth portfolio, the more time you have to build. Ideally before 30 is good time to start.


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