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3 Areas To Look Into On SPL's Privatisation

With the privatisation of the Singapore Premier League (SPL) on the card: -


Would it mean the plan to see promotion/relegation between SPL and the Singapore Football League (SFL) will never take place, as many hope for?
SPL be more competitive with the privatisation?
SPL be more competitive with the privatisation?

Since the SPL, as understood by Straits Times, will be under the purview of Unleash The Roar! (UTR) project instead.

Unless there are some arrangements to work out with UTR, SFL will remain exclusively a competition under the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) who will no longer be running the SPL.


Like any new management taking over, will there be an inventory check or audit process to assess the health of each SPL club to see if they are going to meet the criteria set by the new management body if any?

The late N Ganesan made many brave decisions to improve
The late N Ganesan made many brave decisions to improve things in the 1970s

Sometimes, plugs need to be pulled off the lifeline to avoid further escalation of any problem, thus a firm approach is required like how the National Football League was introduced back in 1975.


One thing I am not entirely comfortable with is the subsidies to be given, as reported by the said broadsheet, to eligible SPL clubs with the "suggestion of an 80 to 100 per cent increase in the current annual $800,000 amount - for clubs, for the next five years at least."

No denial that subsidies in a difficult period like this are helpful, but it's also important to drive home the message subsidies are not for the long run and that clubs need to be self-sustainable at the end of the day which I believe the same thing was told to the pioneer eight S.League clubs before the inauguration in 1996.

JBS VIP Lounge - an untapped revenue generator (file)
JBS VIP Lounge - an untapped revenue generator (file) 

Perhaps, one of the critical tasks of the new SPL management is to help to create a viable business model for the clubs to achieve that self-sustainable goal.

The sight of seeing clubs behaving like kids asking for candies or having a Santa Claus giving out presents have to be stopped and teach them how to earn for themselves instead.

Revenue generating sources seems out-of-the-box with corporate hospitality at games can be something to ponder on.  


  1. Love your points. Cant agree more.

    In fact, thats one of the criteria with the pioneer S-League clubs... for them to be sustainable...

    it was a good set up, but am not sure what went wrong....

    i hope the organisers can revisit the S-League blueprint... jus need execution.... maybe fine tune a bit, but no need to reinvemt (sic) the wheel

    to add... the way for self-sustainability is to look into the clubs biz model.... clubs need to run like a business....

    im quite "tired" looking at how the whole S-League structure like, that in my novella, i wrote on how an S-League club is run like a biz. haha...


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