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Several Changes Named in the SOS Cup 2018

More changes are being made to the Singapore Selection in the upcoming Sultan of Selangor's Cup tournament at the end of the month.

After their last week's victory over Ceres-Negros in the AFC Cup tournament, Home United will have to omit their representation from the annual showdown in Shah Alam in order to concentrate their continental match against North Korea's 4.25 SC on the 21st of August at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

Both Izzdin Shafiq (13) and Shahril Ishak (17) have to withdraw from the Shah Alam trip
The Singapore Selection will be helmed by Balestier Khalsa's Marko Kraljevic instead of Protectors' tactician Aidil Sharin, as reported by Fox Sports Asia.

On top of that, the likes of Tampines Rovers' Syazwan Buhari, Hafiz Sujad, Warriors FC's Emmeric Ong and Albirex Niigata (Singapore)'s Wataru Murofushi are some of those named as the replacement for Home United absentees in the 21-man squad who are scheduled to leave for Selangor state capital on the 24th of August, as understood by this blog.

Wataru Murofushi (8) is named in the Singapore Selection
The inclusion of Murofushi will see all foreigner slots in the Singapore Selection made up entirely by the Japanese players which included Kento Fukuda (Warriors FC), Ryutaro Megumi (Tampines Rovers) and his White Swan squad mate Shuhei Hoshino.

However, it is not uncommon to see changes at the eleventh hour for this tournament like back in 2013 when Hanafi Salleh and Armanizam Dolah were called up as last minute replacements for those pulled out last minute.

The yearly event will take place on the 25th of August will feature the traditional curtain-raiser match between the veterans of both Singapore and Selangor, followed by the main match between the Singapore and Selangor Selection teams.

The Singapore-Selangor Schools Challenge Cup, which was introduced last year, will be competed at the Shah Alam Stadium for the first time by Under-16 boys from both sides.


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