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[S.League] We'll know on Friday if we can check in the trophy at airport or not

Snap from Jurong East earlier
It is down to the final fixtures of the season before we will know if Warriors, since 2009 when they were still known as SAFFC, or Brunei DPMM, joining the ranks alongside with another foreign side - Etoile FC, are to be crowned the new Great Eastern Yeo's S.League champions this coming Friday.

The upcoming coronation will effectively signal the end of reigning champions Tampines Rovers' stranglehold of the title, which they held for the last three years.

Ironically, the Stags will be the stumbling block for the oil-rich sultanate's only professional football club this Friday before the fate is to be decided if the latter can check-in 15-kilogram trophy over the airport counter.

Meanwhile, victory by both Tampines and Warriors, who will face Albirex Niigata (Singapore), on Friday will ensure the league trophy remains within the Republic boundary.

DPMM coach Steve Kean (file picture)
The scenario is made possible after Albirex failed to beat the Bruneians at home and eventually ended all title hopes for the Japanese side with a 1-0 scoreline went in favour of the visitors at the Jurong East Stadium.

Adi Said scored the all-important goal in the 61st minute to seal all three points before the sending off of Roy O'Donovan left some tainted spots of the evening.

The suspension of the Irish marksman would prove costly for Coach Steve Kean's bid for the title against Tampines at Jalan Besar.

Nonetheless, the Scotsman is pleased with the result when facing the media after the match.

Said the former Blackburn Rovers coach:"I am delighted with the result tonight and it was a tough one to get, as Albirex is a very tactical side that holds very good possession."

"I don't want to pay much attention to the past records and we had worked hard for the past eleven months." added Coach Kean when asked if the Wasps' poor records against the Stags this season would be a weighing factor during the coming showdown.

Warriors aim to end title drought (file picture)
Meanwhile, Albirex's coach Tatsuyuki Okuyama refused to comment on the Brunei's title hopes or their final game of the season against the Warriors.

"I just want to stay focused on our game that I want to reflect tonight's result before thinking of the next game (against the Warriors), as we have nothing to lose and we playing for ourselves." said the 38-year-old coach in the post-match press conference.


  1. Just to add that the injury time added to the said match was SIX minutes by referee Sukbhir Singh, who came under fire from Warriors coach Alex Weaver for his handling of the match between Tampines and Warriors days ago.

  2. He is the one and only likes being different to get attention.


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