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[Singapore Cup] Devaluation SHUTOUT...

Another SHUTOUT again...
The seven goals conceded by the Filipino powerhouses Global FC to S.League table toppers, DPMM FC in last evening's RHB Singapore Cup totalled up to 15 goals, in which eight were let in two other invited sides days earlier (i.e.: five by Nagacorp to Home Utd on Friday, three were scored by Albirex Niigata (S) against Svay Rieng on Wednesday).

Not a pretty statistics to justify their presence in the tournament after another shutout on one of these guest sides playing in local premier Cup competition and somehow made a mockery out of one of those comments to have them in the first place.

"The RHB Singapore Cup has grown to be a big regional tournament. I am very pleased to have the top clubs from the region to participate annually in the RHB Singapore Cup and every year the level of competition is being raised. ..."
as mentioned in one of those words (extracted from the FAS media release issued on 23/5/14).

However, results don't lie and the outcome of those matches involved those invited sides of late had protruded the wide gap of standard between them and their opponents.

And having seen one of the most one-sided matches in my life hours earlier at the Jalan Besar Stadium, it can only affirm the notion that it isn't any value added to spice up the competition but adding further embarrassment to whoever is involved.

A dreadful first half of football was on display that saw no difference between Global and DPMM before the Brunei's only professional football team (as what one of their papers always kept emphasizing) pulled the trigger in the 58th minute to open the floodgates with Rodrigo Tosi headed home the first goal of the night.

Barely a minute later Irishman Roy O'Donovan doubled the tally on a one-on-one amid the frail defense.

Not long after which both O'Donovan and Tosi hit a rampage with the former went on to claim his hat trick while the Brazilian headed home his second in the 71st minute, further two more goals were scored by substitutes Azwan Saleh (80th minute) and Shahrazen Said (93rd minute).

Summing up his thoughts during the post-match press conference, Global FC's coach Leigh Manson said:"In the second half, we were our own worst enemy, after we had tried everything we have done in the training.

"But we must be fair to Brunei (DPMM) for their finishing being those in the high calibre and we played against a good side that got us punished." concluded the Scotsman who took the reins of the UFL side earlier this year.


  1. bringing in foreign teams(Apart from Albirex,DPMM) to play has always been a bad idea. As well as an embarrassment to everyone involved.

    1. I thought Harimau Muda gave a good showing against Tampines Rovers.

      Global FC were not poor, they were horrendous. The fans were screeching everytime they have an opportunity. Let's get LionsXII into the SG Cup next season.


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