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[Feature] Recovery and Cooling Measures by Nike in the Summer Heat

(This entry is formulated based on the media release issued by CROWD Pte Ltd, the PR agency for Nike Singapore)

(P.S: The copyrights of the images depicted in this blog entry belong to Nike, unless stated on the images itself.)

In conjunction with the game's biggest show - The World Cup, that will kick off on the 12th of June. American sporting giants, Nike, have rolled out two innovative products to allow players to have maximum comfort in order to excel on the greatest show on earth.

Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight
Effective recovery between games will be of paramount importance, and the precious few days teams have between kick-offs are a period of active recovery, carefully managed by highly- skilled support staff and tailored to each player’s needs. Part of this recovery regimen includes decreasing lower limb swelling. To aid this recovery regimen, teams can utilize the Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight.

The Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight is designed to be worn away from competition,  during active recovery'  —  while  the  body  is  moving,  but  not competing or engaged in intense exercise. The graduated compression provided by its advanced design targets specific zones of the leg, aiding recovery.

“Our  research  led  us  to  conclude  that  graduated  compression  can  help  impact recovery,” said Nike Innovation Design Director  Eddy Harber, who focuses on apparel. “Our new Nike Recovery Hypertight has been developed and tested with some of the top athletes and teams around the world, across multiple sports.”

Top athletes across multiple sports, including footballer Zlatan Ibrahimvic and basketball star LeBron James, were involved in the testing and development of the Nike Recovery Hypertight, providing crucial feedback.

Nike’s National Team Kit
Football  played  in  Brasil  this  June  and  July could  see  temperatures around 25°C  (77°F), with at  least 10 matches pushing 30°C (86°F).  For  athletes  playing  90-minute  matches  in  these  conditions,  keeping cool  is crucial  to performance. Nike’s 2014 national  team kits have been designed with optimal cooling solutions  to give athletes a  leg up  in  these conditions and help them stay cool under pressure on the world stage.

Key cooling elements in Nike’s National Team Kit system of dress include:

  • Sweat-wicking Nike Dri-FIT fabrication  
  • Dual-knit construction moves sweat away  from skin to the outside of  the kit where it can evaporate more quickly 
  • Dual-knit construction features a fabrication that is cooler and softer against skin 
  • Burn-out mesh at the back of the national team kits and Nike Pro baselayer reduces weight by removing fabric in key heat zones for added breathability
  • Laser-cut ventilation increases airflow over the skin 
  • Nike Pro baselayer options are 16 percent lighter than their predecessors with added cooling and ventilation
  • Increased  abrasion  protection in the Pro baselayer Slider Short match athletes’ sliding patterns with increased breathability and decreased weight.  


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