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"Is this a gimmick for a Football Tournament OR for a launch of a banking product?"

What would be your first impression?
In an attempt to draw awareness to the RHB Singapore Cup tournament, that will be entering to its Quarter-Final phrase this coming week, the organizers staged a "Flash Mob" gimmick outside Chervon House (pictured above) in the Central Business District (CBD).

I am not quite certain if such an act should qualify it as a "Flash Mob" with a group engaged themselves in a kick-about follow a swift dance routine.

From the video clip itself (below), we can see the gimmick did draw curious looks from the passing crowds, although it was uncertain if those members of the public were aware this being a promotional gimmick for a football tournament OR for some sort of financial products for a bank?
This afternoon's initiative came on top of those recent marketing moves by the league authority to entice crowds to S.League matches (i.e.: the to-be-released S.League clubs themed teddy bears and the lucky draw with a car as the top prize).

Those moves did generate some discussions online, which sceptics out there are wondering if these gimmicks are seen to be the much-needed elixir to boast the sagging attendance (even though, there was an official claim of 45% jump in crowd figures).

To be honest, these gimmicks aren't new, which are common in some of those "matured markets". However, it would be wrong to use them as the "main courses" to draw the appetite of those the league authority trying to reach out.

Instead, more focus should be on the actual "main course" - the teams and the players, as the two are, after all, the main pull that should be drawing fans to grounds and not those "side dishes" that are meant to be mere compliments to those on the field.

At the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves if the message had already made known to the targeted audience?

(P.S:Picture and video clip derived from FAS media release and S.League Official FB page respectively)


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