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Am I a LWS jinx?

Did not have a good feeling when I packed my stuff and headed north when I saw the gloomy sky above me.

It confirmed my fear when the train was on its way to Marsiling station when it passed by Woodlands Stadium that had its Lightning Warning System (LWS) activated during the downpour that took place earlier.

Rams' head coach Salim Moin took charge of this match

Upon reaching the ground, I overheard the relevant officials remarked that the Prime League match between Woodlands Wellington and Home United "would kick off at 6pm" (instead of the stipulated 5pm).

The match eventually kicked off at approximately 6:15pm following the deactivation of the LWS (which I guess flexibility should be applied here rather than sticking close to the guidelines since it's weekend after all).

Brief Scribe of the Match (Woodlands Wellington 1-2 Home United)

The hosting Rams got themselves into the act by dominating much of the first half with their possessive play in their opponents half.

Not much a surprise to see Woodlands snatched the lead through Andy Ahmad on a well-latched ball from the middle that saw him finished off from inside right of the box and stayed 1-0 until the end of the first forty-five.

It was bright sunset when the match kicked off
The match resumed just as the ground floodlights gradually switched on and so did the Protectors too.

The 2009 Prime League champions posed a much impressive display in the second half as compared to their first and were duly rewarded with their effort when they netted two goals from Sim Teck Yi and Song Uiyong to overturn the tide against their hosts who paid the price for their inability to grab a few more in the second half.

"Gotcha at the nick of time" - Great save by HU's 'keeper

"Enough said. OUT you go"
Sweet victory indeed for the Bishan-based club who days earlier saw their senior team lost to its counterpart of the same opponents.

Although the game was marred by one sending off from each side in the second half that had both sides down to ten men to finish the evening.

(P.S: For the record, this was my third encounter with the LWS.)



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