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Only Heaven Knows...

It is something that is bound to happen anytime amid the myriad of problems besieged the local football.

Never had the ground sentiment of the local fraternity sunk so low following an AGM that was held sometimes back with all cylinders fired from all corners angered and pissed off with the current stagnancy (based on observation of the various social media platforms).

The past few weeks must have been an eye-opener for fast-dwindling faithfuls with relevations of issues such from the referees, lukewarm response to various new initiatives, etc. on the media.

The Lions finished grounded zero in recent WCQ qualifiers
Yet, the irony is the local game governing body has been maintaining the stand that everything is "in line with the Strategic Plan", despite having our recent FIFA ranking dropped to the lowest-ever spot of 162.

I would like to ask if having claimed we achieved the target of reaching the third round of the World Cup qualifiers, is that anything we should be proud of when we finished ground zero in a group where two of those opponents used to be beaten by us just a few years back?

Courtesy of Mediacorp TODAY 
With the sort of assurance given over the recent surfacing of the the woes facing the NFL scene (pictured above), I really wonder if there's any taker for that?

Only Heaven Knows...

(P.S: Any update on the "National Training Centre" that promised "5 top-class training pitches will be built for the Lions and the various NFA Academy teams" and "five 'A' Class stadiums and one medium-sized football specific stadium will be built at various locations in Singapore."?? as we are at the mid-point of the "Strategic Plan".)


  1. well I think you have said it well and I agree completely with your insights about this situation and I hope that things change for better soon


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