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Book Review: Malaysia Cup 1987

Only recently, when a friend asked if I have any old photo that featured any of the old national team jerseys that I dig out this old souvenir handout (pictured above), which was given to me by my aunt 20 years ago...

Alas, how time passes - 1987 was the year this handbook, which served as a guide to Singapore's Malaysia Cup campaign that year, was published.

A sense of nostalgic sentiment flows as I flipped through the pages and was pretty shocked to see Fandi Ahmad playing against us (only to realize that he was earning a living as a professional years later).

The Lions of 1987

DPM Wong Kan Seng was the Minister for Community Development, who appoints the FAS president (the only NSA president to be appointed in this manner)

Former MP for Changi - Mr Teo Chong Tee was the FAS president

D Tokijan was one of my favourite players

One of the best 'keepers in the region - David Lee (now with SAFFC)

Manap Hamat was a steady and calm defender for Balestier Central in the debut S.League season before "that thing" destroyed his career.

Abdul Malek was one-time the first choice for the national team - current fate - UNKNOWN

S Anthonysamy suffered a freak accident during a warm-up match in 1997 and is wheel-chaired bound since

Salim Moin - former Gombak United coach is with the NFA now.

Hasnim Haron (left) and V Sundramoorthy in their rookie days.
Hasnim eventually became the first local player to have a boot endorsement deal, while Sundram left for Switzerland after the 1987 season.
Abdullah Noor was the "super-sub" before Steven Tan

The late Borhan Abu Samah known as the "Russian Tank"


  1. gd one man... really salute all these gentlemen...

  2. hi...could u sell me that book. it means something to me.

  3. Anonymous said...
    hi...could u sell me that book. it means something to me.

    Sorry mate, this book means A LOT to me TOO..

    thanks for visiting my blog, Cheers :)

  4. I`M a supporter of Albirex Niigata for 5 years...u got a very nice book there...thanks for featuring Hasnim Haron...he was my hero during those days....i remember he was in the squad which reach the 1990 Malaysia Cup final with Abbas and Alistier edwards....hasnim was forgotten when he sign to play for Johor fa...that`s the sad part also in my life...i dun b;ame him cause johor offered him a lucrutive contract

  5. Hi Crow...

    Yup, those were the days.. last heard from those players I met was Hasnim not longer involved in the game.

    He's still living in the northern part of the island

  6. Thanks for uploading, it sures bring back many wonderful memories of the past for Sg football. Snaking queues outside National stadium, the drink sellers moving around, sea of red fans around kallang... I don't remember such an atmosphere for a long time to come, kudos to your postings. Pls update more on Malaysia Cup if you have.. thanks :)

  7. Bro, the first local player to get the endorsement is Fandi Ahmad on Lotto boots not Hasnim Haron.But Hasnim deserve it too.

  8. Hi "Anonymous" (of 9May posting),

    Thanks for your input, but AFAIK Hasnim got his first endorsement deal before he switched to Johor, whereas for Fandi, AFAIK, he signed for Lotto when he's back in 1993 (the scissor-kick motif u mean?)

    With Regards

  9. Hi Poh Hui, discovered this post accidentally, but luv this post in particular... wondering if u hav pics of jerseys of our national team.... n looking for the old puma red jersey as seen above... wonder if the shops hav it?

  10. Hi "Anonymous" (posted on 12/7/10,

    Thanks for your compliments... it was indeed an old very jersey that I fear you may have to try shops at Queensway or Peninsular OR ask around randomly..

  11. Thank you for the (above)response Pohui, keep up your outstanding support for the local league and national team. We need more supporters like you

  12. Hi Bro,
    If I am not wrong, Singapore lost to Johore at National Stadium 3-1 in 1987, Just Like to know the date. It is very important to me, Please help with date since you have the book. Thanks

  13. i'm lucky as my uncle is as above,david lee soon chye.blessed thx i can see how he look like when he was a young adult just like my age.



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