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I am not a marketing man (Part 2)

(Sorry for the slight delay....)

As mentioned in the previous entry, it's up to the players and the clubs' administrators to build up from where, if they are to elevate to by those marketing stunts.

Having missed out on two previous occasions (i.e.: (1) the launch of the league in 1996 and (2) the start of the legalized betting) that saw the surge in attendance, we must not let the third to slip through our fingers, if there's even going to be a third miracle.

I can't advise on how the players to improve their plays and skills as I'm not qualified, neither how to run the clubs as I thought there are qualified managing gurus.

Having observed the way things handled after a decade, I thought I should input some of my "unproven" ideas to alter how the things should run.

Some ideas to share

Isn't a waste to have those unoccupied seats at the enclosed area during the matches (above)?

To this day, only holders to the relevant passes or invited guests are allowed to seat in this area (above), while having their half time refreshments at places like this

Except for stadiums like Jalan Besar (above), Bishan, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong West, other stadiums don't have an enclosed viewing gallery for people to watch the game in comfort.

Till this day, some clubs practice the voucher system, where only those given a voucher are allowed to enter this enclosed gallery.

Hospitality through corporate sponsorship

Some examples of the hospitality packages I came across over the internet of those lower-tier sport clubs in England should offer some insights, if clubs seriously want to venture to that business.

Here we are talking about the clubs hosting privileged guests (sponsors) on match days.

Some packages I came across over the internet detailed the concept as:
  • An opportunity to entertain your business associates, clients.
  • An place to build up your network and contacts.

It's interesting to note their sponsorship opportunities are not restricted to just "main club sponsor", "apparel sponsors" and selling of advertising spots (i.e.: billboards) on match days, but in the form of "match sponsor" and "match ball sponsor" as well.

There are boundless of opportunities to be explored, only if the administrators choose to think "out-of-the-box".

So what could be the reasons behind the holding back?

As a concerned fan, I wonder why?

After all, clubs facing cash flow problems are something not new, it just that the current means to generate the much-needed income seem limited (no doubt, some clubs are operating betting outlets at their allocated stadiums but end of the day, the income from these outlets are drastically reduced due to the high taxes they need to pay to the pool operators).

Nurturing the sense of belonging

The clubs got to realize how important marketing themselves well is crucial to their survival, which is something sorely neglected.

Being part of the community, there is definitely a need to strengthen the bond between clubs and the vicinity they based.

We had some clubs working with their regional CDCs, neighbourhood schools conducting some football clinics, but on ad-hoc basis.

I would love to see more community involvement by the clubs other than conducting football clinics (correct me if I'm wrong).

Clubs should therefore align themselves with the RCs and other community based organizations; by participate in more community events like "block parties", "get-together" sessions and etc.

Through these events, would help to raise the awareness not only for the clubs and players, but also help the residents to define their neighbourhood focal point - the clubs, of course.


Having said all these, I would just like to conclude I am not a marketing man, still.

But somehow, if things still remain stagnant like now, I fear the day that we don't even know who are players in the national team, let alone the clubs'.

(Open up for discussion.. feel free to contribute more ideas ..please.. thanks)


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