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Coach Raddy screen-grab off the live stream The nightmare is over in Qatar when Iraq handed the 7-1 scoreline to send our boys back home to conclude a World Cup Qualifiers that would be best not to mention in the near future. Despite the nature of being a "dead-rubber" for this fixture, the team with Brazilian legend Zico at helm did not allow any slip-up. With the floodgates opened in the fourth minute through Karrar Jasim, there was not look back for the Iraqis who took and executed their chances well right till the end with skipper Younis Mahmoud rounded up with a hat-trick before referee Abdullah Al Hilali of Oman signalled the end of a heart-wrecking match. Isa Halim's well-placed strike in the 28th minute was the only bright spark for the hapless Lions. I guess one of the hardest things to stomach is the fact that two teams that qualified for the next phrase were once defeated by us and had shown where our football is now - stagnant. Starting First XI

Can our local boys brave to venture aboard??

Taisuke Akiyoshi (blue) heads to Bulgaria Having read about former SAFFC winger Taisuke Akiyoshi (joining a list of ex-Albirex Niigata [S] heading to Europe) signed for Slavia Sofia, a club in Bulgaria on a two-and-half year as reported by TODAY, I posted my thoughts in italic below in the blog Facebook page. "Despite the resentment of their presence as a foreigner-based club, it's hard to deny the contribution made by Albirex Niigata (Singapore) since they joined the league in 2004. If the league authority been talking about the crucial role of having these foreigner-based squads in the S.League, no one can hardly disagree the White Swans are the benchmark of that of well functioning CLUB. Whilst their on-field performance only started to pick up since last year (with their first ever honour - the League Cup), the well-oiled mechanism to operate the club off the field is for all to see and emulate. With that on top of those alumni, bedside those promoted to senior

[Event] Northern Footballers Rejoice with new Futsal League & Venue

(This entry is formulated based on the transcript of the media release issued by X-League , one of the partners of this blog.) (P.S: The images depicted in this blog entry are provided by X-League.) Not just futsal, the new facilities include eateries and a supermarket within reach The Woodlands region, located at the north of Singapore, will see a new futsal league kicks off in the month of March. Boasting eight social football teams with players from both Singapore and Malaysia, the new tournament will encompass a unique three team promotion/relegation structure sanctioned by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS). The X-League's Sports Planet (SP) Futsal League is the brainchild of both X-League and its partners, Sports Planet with effort to bring the smaller version of the beautiful game to residents staying in the north. "Weather-proof" - a total of four sheltered futsal pitches All matches will be played in Sports Planet's latest facilities

Are these two shots identical??

I took the shot of Lee Lim Saeng and post in this album and saw the almost identical on another website Straight to the point here that I would like to seek third-party opinion if these two shots are identical here? If it's identical, I would like to state that under no circumstance was I ever being approached by any organization or individual to request to reproduce this picture for any purpose on prior notice. It's regrettable that if these two pictures are indeed the same, despite the " Copyright Information " posted at the top of the page. Whilst I am grateful that all along due permission was being sought before-handed and acknowledgement is given upon any reproduction of my photos, but it is sad to note some individuals and organizations decided to disregard the efforts and work of the originator. If such incident ever take place again, I will not rule out the possibility to stop all my photography work on this blog. However, having said all these

Over to you, Coach Raddy...

National coach Raddy Avramovic (pictured right) has been pretty quiet of late since he was named as an advisor to the Lions XII team months back. With the media attention being shifted to focus on other issues such as the " come -and- go of Johan Gouttefangeas", the ongoing fixation on the tournament as the result of the joint-MOU signed last year, everyone seems to have forgotten about the concluding match of the faltering World Cup qualifiers against Iraq in Qatar. It wasn't until recently when coach Raddy called up a group of 25 players for a centralized training session beginning this coming Sunday in preparation for the Middle-East journey I think many would have long forgotten about (after all, who would bother after the big gamble that failed to reap any dividend?). A glance at the year long schedule issued by the league authority had indicated that the only work left to be done is to concentrate on the AFF Suzuki Cup at the end of the year for coach Raddy.