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[Annual Review] Having an open mindset (Jubli Perak)

Almost every day when I woke up, I always asked myself what can do to help Singapore football?

Honestly speaking, I didn't see myself asking that question when I set up my first version of the platform using a free website provider back in December 1996. 

The commemorative logo to mark's silver jubilee
The special "Juli Perak" logo will complete its mission soon

After all, the nucleus of this platform is to allow me to share my views on local football after I was, all of a sudden, repeatedly denied from posting my views on an online forum.

Furthermore, the updating of the site was done from a public terminal, which was subjected to availability, and maintaining its consistency was a challenge, as compared to these days when it can be done easily on the move.

I would say the breakthrough came in October 2005 when I decided to switch to the present format by using the online blogging tool for archival purposes instead of continuing of utilizing the now-defunct online website provider.

Thus, it is most unfortunate to see those works before October 2005 not being archived with the printed version of the platform's first update in December 1996 as the only evidence to claim its origin.

The first page uploaded on in 1996
How "BoLASEPaKO" first looked like

Perhaps, the decision to register a proper domain,, in 2008 is a testament to show my commitment to help the local game within my means.

My involvement in the scene ever since witnessed the highs such as the crowning glory that saw the clinching of the AFF Suzuki Cup in 2012 with fans packing the Jalan Besar Stadium to give Raddy Avramovic and his Lions a hero reception after they won the country's fourth Asean title and the lows like seeing the crowd figures plummeting at the games and diminished interest of the S.League (now known as Singapore Premier League).

It is heartbreaking to see negativities and criticism targeted towards the local game, especially from those whom I considered as sitting on the fence critics and those having misunderstood opinions on it when they don't see the efforts put in by many unsung heroes behind the scene to improve it.

"BOLGNET" - versatile magnet, one of's merchandise
"BOLGNET" at National Stadium

The lack of positive vibes in recent years does not help Singapore football to give any random local fan the confidence and faith that it can pull itself from the doldrums when negative occurrences are the ones that often caught the masses' attention, inevitably, deepen that aforementioned misunderstood opinion.

So how are we going to correct this skewed view on Singapore football?

One of the things I can think of now is all of us, whoever it is, it could be you, I, or anyone must now view Singapore football as a piece of blank paper waiting to be painted with a new set of colours to give itself that long-awaited vibrancy.

"BOCAP" - the iconic cap of
"BOCAP" at National Stadium

Sharing of opinions for the betterment of the local game must be allowed to withstand any form of criticism while embracing those ideas that may sound out of the box.

Having an open mindset is exactly what Singapore football needs most now, as we shall set ourselves to embark on a new journey even on small steps in the hope to achieve what we all hope in the end - the pride and joy it used to gel this country together.


  1. This has been the story for the last 30 years. Before we have a S league(a professional league), it is the same. They talk about big goals like world cup or asian cup or having some fancy leagues but really, progress can be made only if our football is run by people who knows football. People like Patrick Ang should lead. Not some ex army general.


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