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The name is fixed? (created using meme generator)

After months of anticipation, we are given some updates on the Unleash The Roar! (UTR!) project days ago.

When I first read about it, my main concern would be the sustainability of those ten School Football Academies (SFAs) schools (ie: resources like financial, manpower, etc.) which are the cornerstones of the update.

Are we getting full support from the Ministry of Education (MOE) on the setting up of these SFA schools? Let's hope so, especially it seems to me past blueprints like "Goal 2010" did not have the backing of the educators.

Besides MOE who must wholeheartedly support the "SFA" concept, I think to convince the parents of this UTR! is a viable project is equally important too.

Parentage support is important to UTR!

While it seems that the UTR! received a booster with Borussia Dortmund (BvB) and LaLiga coming on board as strategic partners, there are concerns of the roles to be played by them who are being viewed as commercial entities by some.

"... with the UTR! working with these commercial entities (BvB and LaLiga) which exist in this region for their marketing and branding objectives, for our country's technical development, are we getting what we need or buying what is sold to us?" queried football consultant Khairul Asyraf.

Citing the example of Qatar Aspire Academy on how they recruit the best foreign technical talents to develop their local athletes, Khairul opined the Qatari infrastructure is created with their expertise, using foreign technology for the local context.
"We must build what is here first, these foreign links can come later when our cream can really compete or will benefit from stints and time there." added the former youth coach.

(P.S: Seems like the name of the project is confirmed?)



  1. ……. and National Service disrupts all that is planned nicely. All the talented footballing kids will disappear into their handsome career instead.

    Solve the National Service issues first then we talk.


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