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Don't Piss Us Off With Those "YO-YO" Again

Recently, saw a few postings on social media reminiscing SAFFC's last Singapore Cup win in year 2012.

While this may not be the last major honour clinched by the most successful club in Singapore professional football history (the club, renamed as Warriors FC in 2013, captured their last S.League title in season 2014), it signified the end of a successful era led by the then head coach Richard Bok .

I shall not list down what Coach Bok had achieved when he took over the head coaching role of the Warriors in 2006, as this is not the theme of this post.

The fall guy from the top - Warriors FC 

The theme of this post is to ask the same old question to any of those "sit out" clubs after they made known their intention to return to the fold - "ARE YOU SURE OR NOT?"

This came after the Warriors started off by stated their intention to make their way back to the Singapore Premier League (SGPL) in 2021 after being asked to sit out this season to sort out their financial woes.

Honestly speaking, having witnessed clubs who claimed to have sort out their financial woes and returned but only to see themselves sit out again years later due to the same issue is kind of pissing me off (pardon for the choice of word but this is best word to describe that feeling).

It boils down to the same question that if they were ready, as they claimed, and why they had to sit out again years later after they returned because of the same predicament?

Gombak United first joined in 1998 before dropped out after the end of the 2002 S.League season and made a comeback in 2006 and stayed untill the end of season 2012.

Likewise, Tanjong Pagar United stablized their financial footing and was granted the licence to play in this season's SGPL after excused themselves for the second time at the end of the 2015 S.League season.

Tanjong Pagar United is back (again) in the top-tier this season

So when Warriors seemingly confidently staked their claim for a possible return next season, I was not really that excited at all given the magnitude of the problems this supposedly illustrious club facing.

Ready to return is more than just making postings on their social media platforms to bring us down to the memory lane to reminisce the club's past achievements, it should be more than that and something more tangible to cement the cause.

If the targeted timeframe is to see the club return to the fold next year, is front office of this football club back and running by now to facilitate the process (would be glad to be corrected), even though we are not sure if a proposed meeting with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) had taken place or not?

The legacy of SAFFC is etched on local football folklore 

It is mind-boggling to think the groundwork will only be started after the green light is given.

Recruiting will be more than just the players and coaches but those backroom staff too and what about the rekindle of the community outreach program to tell their fans they are coming back?

If all these are possible within a matter of few months before the start of the season 2021, it should be yet another amazing tale.

However, if Warriors FC decided on a proper roadmap to the reinstatement is necessary, it should be lauded for its meticulous planning to avoid the repetition of those "yo-yo" syndromes in the past.

Some fans may think the possibility of the returning of Warriors FC is a mean to replace Brunei DPMM, a suggestion which is unlikely as FAS president Lim Kia Tong reaffirmed the sultanate club is an "integrated part" of the SGPL in a recent statement.

Just put it this way, if our clubs are properly managed and behave professionally in the first place, do we have to see this "yo-yo" syndrome all along? 


  1. I am just tire of witnessing another "yo-yo" club hopping in and out of the fold.

  2. There should be a minimum commitment of 5 years for any clubs who wants to join the league be it foreign or local. Any clubs that request to sit out, shall be banned for 5 years.


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