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The waiting game is still ongoing for sure and we have yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Had it came to one's mind as in why this issue has been dragging on and in spite of the "deadline" on 12th October that should see DPMM made their decision on their fate in Singapore Premier League?

Because of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, it's clear that the decision on whether DPMM's continuation in SGPL is not longer purely a footballing matter.

DPMM recontracting ceremony in January 2018

When matter like this occurred, it's obvious that external parties are now, likely, to have a bigger say on this matter like how the relevant authorities gave the go-ahead to see the SGPL resumption on 17/10.

But the bigger concern is - will SGPL go ahead with the resumption on 17/10 with this DPMM uncertainty? Don't forget 25th October is scheduled to see DPMM take on Hougang United at Hougang Stadium, are they ready?

Since it was already made known in the media that unlike the rest of the teams who resumed their full training since 1st of September, the defending champions have yet to do so and only being permitted to train in groups of 10 since August.

DPMM won the Singapore top-tier league title on two occasions

While the oil-rich sultanate's only professional football club is allowed to resume partial training, the rest of the country's major football activities, such as the Brunei Super League (BSL), have been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.

Furthermore, the reciprocal green lane established between Singapore and Brunei since 1st of September will only allows "limited number" of residents of both countries travel in between under strict regulations could be seen as a challenging issue to overcome at this juncture.

A decision on this must be swift and decisive at this point if the decision makers do not want to see the SGPL escalate into another uncertainty.

It is a YES or NO, that is it!


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