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Stack Of Memories That Seen The Changes ...

When I declared my season was done after the 2019 Singapore Cup final, I realized I amassed a stack of accreditation passes that were essential in order to work behind the scene from the days it was known as the S.League till two years ago when it was rebranded as Singapore Premier League (SPL).

My involvement started halfway in 1998 (the third season) when I answered a call and turned up at a meeting in the S.League office at old National Stadium to be part of the crew assembled to help the official league website.

Evolution of the accreditation passes to the S.League and later Singapore Premier League matches
Evolution of the passes 

The first pass I received was a laminated pass with the necessary details besides the photo which I snapped at one of those instant photo booths, on the bottom of the pass listed the league sponsors of that season like Tiger Beer, Pepsi, NTUC Income, and Singapore Pools.


The following year saw the pass shrunk into a business card-size made of plastic material by Cardwon from Taiwan and honestly speaking, I like the size of it as it fits in nicely into your wallet that you would not misplace it unless you really did.

In total, the business card size plastic pass was issued for fourteen seasons (until 2012) before the relevant authority reverted back to those laminated types in 2013.

A total of 14 business card-size S.League passes were issued
A total of 14 business card-size passes were issued

"Goal 2010" logo was placed on passes from 2000 to 2003
"Goal 2010" logo was placed on passes from 2000 to 2003

2014 pass was a multi-functioning pass which allowed access to S.League, Lions XII and Singapore National Team matches
2014 pass was a multi-functioning pass

Owing to its significance, the pass also made sure we were reminded of that grand "GOAL 2010" project whose logo was prominently placed on passes issued in season 2000 to 2003 (the project was dropped in June 2004).

Besides the S.League matches, the accreditation issued for season 2014 also allowed the pass holder access to "home" matches of the national team, the Lions XII's home game at Jalan Besar Stadium.


With the exception of 2017 that last saw the name "S.LEAGUE" appeared on the pass, the accreditation issued by the governing body since 2016 is separated into two - one for the domestic league/cup tournaments with the other specifically for matches involving the national team's "home" matches.

"S.League" made its final appearance on 2017 pass
"S.League" made its final appearance on 2017 pass

Separate accreditations were issued since 2016 (except 2017)
Separate accreditations were issued since 2016 (except 2017)


Following the rebranding exercise that revamped the league to SGPL, the accreditation pass issued from 2018 onwards are clearly defined in line with those used at the continental level where terms like PHO (defined as the pass holder as a photographer) and PRE (journalist) being inscribed to identify the pass holder's actual role on match days.

It is probably because those terms are printed in a bigger and bolder font for better visibility from a distance away which explains why the bigger size of the accreditation pass, I would love to see the return of the business card-size that fitted into my wallet some days soon though if I am still allowed to apply for one again.

(P.S: necessary details on cards are blanketed for security reasons)


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