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Proposed FAS Constitution Put On HOLD for 'Further DIscussion'

(L-R) Zainudin Nordin and Bernand Tan
The much-anticipated proposed constitution was not put into discussion when the motion on it was removed abruptly from the Football Association of Singapore's (FAS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) held earlier at its Jalan Besar Stadium (JBS) headquarters.

Explaining the reason of the removal of the cornerstone topic from the AGM, FAS Vice-President Bernand Tan said it was “not easy to decide” citing factors like feedback from the members at the very late hours.

“It (the proposed constitution) is something should not be taken lightly and it is not easy to decide (the removal of the motion on it) when there are members requested 'more time' till yesterday night (for further discussions).” said Tan in the media conference held right after the conclusion of the AGM.

When prompted on whether the local game governing body had set a time frame on confirming the said constitution that is to align itself with what FIFA requires from its member associations that forbids any form of third-party involvement such as government interference which saw bans served in the past to neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Brunei.

“Before the new constitution (is approved), it will be governed by the old constitution,” said Tan, who was joined by outgoing FAS President Zainudin Nordin in the media briefing, resonated that existing one is endorsed by the world governing body.

“It will be a lengthy process and there is no time frame for this as countries like Japan and Australia took years before having one which is something we might had underestimated in the first place,

“We will be writing to all our members as we will continue in our engagement with them on this issue.” he added while divulged some issues brought up by clubs such as the number of members that will form the FAS council, the criteria of the office-holder for the post of the president, etc.

Earlier on, Zainudin gave his last opening speech as the president in the AGM that took place in the VIP Lounge in the JBS.

Some of the key things highlighted in that speech by the former Member of Parliament included the importance of both National Football League (NFL) and Island Wide League (IWL) in the local football ecosystem, further improvement to be made in schools' and women's football.

Following that, Balestier Khalsa's chairman S Thavaneson, in his capacity as a FAS Council member, presented the financial statements to delegates that saw a few of them raised their opinions in the open discussion in particular over the budgeting issues.


  1. If the motion is submitted by the cut-off time & in prescribed manner, it is only ethical to put it up. If the content need further consideration, the quorum shall decide that it be postponed or put into another mtg if there is provision for it (EOGM).

    It's not The King's Court where the chair decides. Tsk tsk tsk.

  2. Sounds like they want to do the same like what the G had done with the Elected President thingy.


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