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[Guest Column] - LWS to further erode the dwindling fans' support for S.League?

Since the start of the season, there were several S.League matches which were delayed from starting on time or had to halt abruptly before resuming due to the activation of the Lightning Warning System (LWS), following is an article contributed by Corinthian, a long-time observer of Singapore football, on his thoughts on the safety initiative.

The incidences of potential storms that require LWS to come into service seem to be quite prevalent again and as we've seen over the last few seasons, it's not just during the rainy season that this Sport Singapore public safety mechanism is being activated. 

The LWS is "calling shots" at the S.League game, not the referees these days
I do wonder why FAS (Football Association of Singapore) don't take on the authorities and argue for an exemption from this arbitrary ban which is treating professional sports in the the same way as public activities in our stadiums and in so doing take accept full responsibility for their actions as a professional sports operator.

If it was a truly professional league I'm sure it would; but by meekly accepting this situation, which arises by virtue of its dependence on hiring stadiums on behalf of its clubs, since none of its clubs own any themselves, it is showing how feeble it is.

Are the S.League authorities really too dumb to realise that this inflexible system is slowly, but surely, turning away the remaining fans who may soon be lost forever?

And by being more assertive and pro-active instead, this parlous state could have been avoided and people might have shown more respect what is these days perceived as a puppet-like organisation, rather than one run as a professional business.

As it stands FAS appears to have lost the trust and support of a sizeable constituency and seems in a state of shock, unwilling or unable to make any meaningful moves in any clear and decisive direction.
The typical reason saw the activation of the LWS (credit: Abang Aidi Abadi)
The meek acceptance of the LWS restrictions is but one manifestation of its obvious powerlessness, or inertia if you will, and the S. League is showing every sign of simply melting away until soon nobody will even remember that it ever existed.

Nobody is suggesting that LWS is not a sound way to handle approaching storms, at least for individual athletes, for citizens exercising under their own steam, or for amateur sporting bodies conducting meetings or matches in the nation's stadiums, which are almost all controlled by Sport Singapore.
"Are the S.League authorities really too dumb to realise that this inflexible system is slowly, but surely, turning away the remaining fans who may soon be lost forever?" - Corinthian
The S.League could surely conduct its matches under the direction of its own Match Commissioners and match officials -referees and referee assessors, perhaps - using their own common sense and their own initiative to take on the responsibility for both public and player safety, to avoid these constant and prolonged precautionary stoppages which are killing public interest and support.

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