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[Guest Column] "I am relief that Stange is given a chance to prove himself"

This article first appeared as a posting on the blog's Facebook Page days before 2015 and it was written by Mr David Ng who called himself "an old friend of singapore football". With his permission I decided to reproduce the posting as a form of guest columnist piece and the first piece of the year.

Coach Bernd Stange was given a lifeline recently 
I am relief that (current national coach Bernd) Stange is given a chance to prove himself and his method.

He credential and his achievement speak of who he is and is capable of achieving.

It cannot be that he is successful elsewhere but suddenly he is a flop in Singapore.

Otherwise, why would FAS after so many months of selection choose him.

(Former national coach)Raddy (Avramovic) has (Aleksandar) Duric, (Daniel) Bennett and a few others to help him.

It is now up to the mentality of the players to professionally accept his style of training and play and get out of their comfort zone and learn new tactics, new method and new style.

Footballer needs to take a leaf of the book of our National swimmer, netballer, the sailor and even the marathon runner. The hours they put in just to be the best. There is no easy way out to be champion.

Coach Raddy (right) left behind a legacy in Singapore football 
I followed all the AFF Suzuki Cup matches . even the matches of the other group, there is no way the Lions would make it through the semi final round even if they have make it.

For me, there is just too much hype about the condition of the field, too much excuse of not able to practice. Reason and excuses were created even before the tournament. Did you all notice the condition of the Bukit Jalil Stadium . Its all brown.

We don't have proven striker, only one or two players can trap the ball skillfully, the defence are shaky from the start, players brought in because of reputation and demand of the fans and not by their own merit.

The writing is already on the wall.

FAS, fans wanted a local team. (remember how fans boast about a full local team when we won) . Well time to bite the bullet and say our local needs a lot more hard work before we are ready for the international scene.

A bitter pill to swallow whenever Malaysia are the victors
So Lions and would be Lions, Can you roar like a Lion or whimper like a cat. not even a street cat but a house cat where your feeling and emotion is easily hurt when the owner has not curdle you for a while.

Having said all the negative comment, I strongly believe that if our player put aside all the emotion and be positive, they can match any opponent in Asean and move on to the bigger stage.

We need to learn from others, not just the local coaches, we will make it someday, when? The players will decide themselves.

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  1. "Footballer needs to take a leaf of the book of our National swimmer, netballer, the sailor and even the marathon runner. The hours they put in just to be the best. There is no easy way out to be champion."

    I thought the above paragraph was very well written.

    Whatever the reasons, it is the players' responsibility to be REALLY a professional in their effort, character, mindset, discipline and learning.

    Their level of effort is reflected in the standard of general play in local football.

  2. For him to be successful and implement his style. We need him to be in the job for at least 5 years but looking at Stange's age at 66 it's not that easy...He needs to talk less and get on with his work like Raddy. I like his style of play but it's his age that will be a hindrance to let him stay in the job for long.


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