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[Annual Review] It's OK to say SORRY NOW ...

Artwork by Bitstrips
At this stage, it's OK to admit the shortcomings, face the truth. It is not as if anyone would ditch you or left you in the lurch when you seek for help NOW.

Rather, people would be appreciative for the courage shown for that admission and willing to give a helping hand, instead of having a mindset that is blinded by those self-comforting thoughts.

However, hat off from most of us out there when every time darts were thrown for putting up a resistance after scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find any excuse that was available then.

Probably, like a Hokkien saying 「好料墊底」(essence is always at the bottom of the barrel) and that's why, despite not that convincing, things remained status-quo even after all those blueprints and programs were laid on the table.

Recent faux pas by S.League CEO Lim Chin (right) is damaging
If things went our way weeks ago, it would only inflate that fake ego that long already deflated after the last edition and it wouldn't be surprised to tell us things are still in the groove to set things on despite the setback (isn't that not the case all these while).

Anyway, what is needed is more than just a fresh coat of paint on the wall, not some fanciful wallpapers to patch things up (didn't I say that in the first place?)

Losing to Malaysia at home = national disaster
Coach Stange (2nd from right) grilled after loss to Malaysia
It's like we kept hitting the "reboot" button when we hit a setback and the "reboot" button being the Asean Football Federation title (i.e.: presently known as the Suzuki Cup or Tiger Cup, as it was once called). I just felt that we had won four times, thus proven ourselves at this level when we last did in 2012.

However, this time round it seems like hitting the "reboot" button is inevitable again and I'm kind of sick of this repetitive process.

To make thing even worse, it is not heading back to the drawing board as simple as it was, simply because we don't even have a drawing board now, we don't even know what is a drawing board, how it look like as a drawing board and how to use a drawing board.

It crossed his mind before but calls had already made now (credit: TODAY)
The recent debacles, mishaps, embarrassments whatever you named it is nothing uncommon and we should be ashamed of ourselves for not able to move out of the doldrums and keep mesmerized us with those fantasizing myths that only fools rush in.

Hence, recently there were talks of having some programs or visions to revamp the things from the school levels onwards, I would like to say before the actual details are to be announced, please kindly refer to those past programs like the Goal 2010, the Strategic Plan to see if there's anything identical?

If not, it will not be surprise the vicious cycle will remain as it is now.


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