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Hello! #sleague is NOT a FARM LEAGUE!

Harimau Muda (yellow, blue top) are struggling (file)
The recent poor run of form by Harimau Muda in our own S.League had prompted one commentary to question if their presence in the setup has actually degraded the standard of play in which the league authority has always stressed the need of foreign teams is to expose local clubs and players to various styles of football.

Merely days ago, came another bombshell when it was reported that Johor FA president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim announced the plan to uproot Johor Darul Takzim II (JDT II) from Malaysian Premier League, the country's second-tier league to play in the S.League for developmental purpose.

Lions' skipper Shahril Ishak plays for JDT II
At this present moment, we don't have any idea if the plan for JDT II is to field as a new team in the republic's professional league or taking over the role of that of Harimau Muda under the MOU signed in 2011.

But the undesirable taste of having seen our own league being used as nurturing ground for others' benefits has made me wonder if the "exposing to different styles of play" argument is still valid?

DPMM rejoined S.League in 2012 (file)
Bear it in mind that the presence of having foreign teams in the league all those years may not have necessarily seen the standard of football risen up, given the dismal showing by our clubs in the continental front in recent years.

While some may think it's a bit far fledge to link S.League sides' poor AFC Cup performance with the presence of these foreign sides in the league, but again if these are the teams supposed to uplift the play of the game then shouldn't the gap be narrowed instead of widening?

Of course, we cannot place all the shortcomings of local football on these guest sides, but the thoughts of some merely using OUR league for their own nurturing agenda at our own expense is something absolutely uncalled for.

We are not doing well in AFC Cup, why? (file)
After all, it's professional football we are trying to convince the largely disinterested fans out there and not seen as a farm league for others' grooming purposes.

Why are we taking care of others' need when we should be fixing the loose ends of ours?

Time to Wake Up Lah!

(P.S:I am actually having a hard time in putting down my thoughts in this entry with the magnitude of the disappointments I have on local football of late.

It has been just far too many of them which I felt some of those issues I already blogged and shall not dwell on those.)


  1. Well, all I can say is blame the people who thought of having the league with foreign clubs. That is why politics & football can never be mixed together. Instead of going the easy way of inviting foreign clubs to the S-League, how about looking at the bigger picture and revamping the S-League and get the other local clubs in Singapore into the mix? If a country like USA can spice up their MLS, I don't understand why the S-League and Singapore football cannot do the same.

    The people who are running the football show, get your heads out of the cloud and get your feet on the ground.

  2. mmentIan Koh and 2 others like this.

    Frankie Marquinhos GohI share your frustration, bro. I mean, almost everything the FAS did, seems to be nonsense to us. And I must say my eyebrow were raised at the start of the season when Albirex make their title challenge claim. I mean, the core of their team is the JSC squad, plus a few fringe player in JFL and J2, surely our best with foreigners will send them to the bottom half. It shows how much our standard has drop. The more obvious, like LionsXII, u12s and u14s playing in the same COE league earlier this season, also add to that. Not to mention the decision to drop women football from the SEA Games. What kind of ancient decision is that? Based on medal chance? Why not we cancel breaststroke event in swimming because we are weak in breaststroke?If the most loyal supporters like us all here are on the verge if giving up, how do FAS want us to convince the others to support local football? How do they want us to answer to the people we are trying to convince, if they bring up these rubbish they see on the media to us?

  3. Ever since the introductions of foreign teams and Young Lions in the S League FAS have ruined the S League and now I have no senses of belongings when looking at the S League since it is now looking like a nonsense league to be blunt. And now even Malaysian teams are treating it as a farm league while we sent our best players in their league!

    I think the best now is to evict all the foreign teams and Young Lions and dissolve Lions XII and withdraw from M League (we are going a step back by joining back the M League) and reorganise our league to a small 10 teams league with all true blue local teams which each plays one another 3-4 times in the league in a season as well as revive Jurong FC and Sembawang Rangers if possible.


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