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Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Ibrahim's Corner" [edited]

Snapped this before I was ushered back to main stand
No one really knows why it was called the "Ibrahim corner" at this part of the Yishun Stadium, where I took my place here prior to the start of the match between Harimua Muda and Albirex Niigata (Singapore).

But one thing for sure, for many Sembawang Rangers fans in the past, this stand facing the main stand of the stadium holds many special memories for them.

You see, this was the place where local football used to have some of its most passionate supporters congregated during the Stallions' home games in yesteryear until the club management pulled out in 2003 because of financial difficulties.

One of the things that I remembered of these Sembawang supporters is the fact that they turned up in support for their former coach, Thai ex-international Vorawan Chitavanich in 2004 (who had then just assumed the post of head coach of Tampines Rovers.) for a league game here (believed to be Young Lions' home game as JBS was under renovation then).

Since then, this stadium had seen not less than three tenants (i.e: Super Reds, Sporting Afrique, Beijing Guo'an Talent, etc.) in the past after the Stallions' pull-out.

Despite the very best effort by the league authority to establish a sustainable presence here, it's very clear that no one have come close even to match that of the Stallions whose legacy continue to loom across with many supporters still hope for the return of the "black-white" one day like the Jaguars did.

The come-about of the name "Ibrahim's Corner" 
Following the loading up of this entry, it was most fortunate to find out how the name of this place came about.

According to one of the members of the blog Facebook page it was dedicated to one of the Stallions' players, Ibrahim Noh as "Haizam Jdn" wrote.
The Ibrahim Corner was coined by the Rangers fans sitting at the open gallery stand opposite the grandstand in tribute to Ibrahim Noh running down the wings. One of the Sembawang legends whose hardworking runs up and down the flanks gave birth to the Ibrahim Corner stand. :)
And that's is very important history lesson with many thanks to Haizam for sharing with us...

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