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The first 2007 posting

While I appreciated the fact that the Lions are pretty confident in retaining the tag as the best footballing nation in South East Asia, let's not be too over-confident.

Spoke to a working colleague, one of those sceptical folks you found on the street, I asked what deterred him from supporting the national team and Singapore football.

Stereotypical answers were given like
  • Talk BIG (over-confident), can't deliver
  • The absence of that ambience we last saw in the Malaysia Cup days (that a stark hard fact we got to face which something can't be erased so easily)
  • Stagnant - we still stuck in perimeter of the SEA stage
Of course, it's never easy to convert fans like this coleague of me easily, however, let's just our finger crossed.

Come 13th Jan, let's get start all over again give the Kallang Roar a fitting farewell on the 4th of Feb.

Majulah Singapura!!


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