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Sunday, February 28, 2021

What Those IG Story Polls Tell Me About The Untapped Potential of Local Club Merchandise

Did a number of IG Story polls not that long ago to gauge the sentiment among the local football supporters by starting off with this question - Would you buy any official local football merchandise?

It was an overwhelming 92% said "YES" that they are willing to fork out from their wallets to pay for any official merchandise offered by the local clubs.

This is the outcome of the first poll of the series 

Another poll was followed up to ask which type of official merchandise is the most desirable item from a list which comprised

(1) "Official replica jersey",
(2) "T-Shirt (with club logo, mascot, players),
(3) "Caps, scarves, mini flags" and
(4) "Pins, Badges, Keychain, Cup, Mugs"

Apparently, replica team jersey is the most desirable merchandise should any fan decided to buy one product from our local clubs.

Later on, I posted a pragmatic question - how much you are willing to pay for one official replica jersey?

The most desirable merchandise

I am not sure if the current unfavourable climate factored a sizeable group to opt for the price range of less than 50 Singapore Dollar with less than half of the aforementioned willing to pay more than that figure.

However, in between the above-mentioned two saw another group stated money is not an issue when come to justify one's loyalty and support for his or her favourite team.

At the meantime, most would prefer to buy their official merchandise from online stores with lesser numbers would opt for either buying their stuff from a retail outlet at a mall or cash-and-carry at any club office.

Why "YOU" buy the replica jersey?

Nevertheless, with this merchandise market still largely an untapped market at this moment, it is not surprising to see fans went to club offices to purchase their desired merchandise although the same number claimed they bought their stuff online.

Before I move on to conclude my thoughts on these findings, I wish to stress that those data gathered are meant to be both unofficial and unaffiliated purposes for my own reference only.

Given the niche group that responded and took part in these IG Story polls, I do not think it is fair to conclude the outcome as a reflection of the real picture but as a sample reference only.

How much would you pay for one replica jersey?

Overall, it is safe to say there is a demand for official merchandise if being offered by any of local football clubs based on the 92% who responded "YES" with a replica jersey being the most sought after item.

However, cost remain a deciding factor before any transaction is made, although fans' loyalty to their supported club is also a key factor when buying any replica jersey.

On the other hand, online purchasing seems to be the preferred mode for those who already bought or intend to buy any official merchandise from any club but "cash-and-carry" from club offices, nonetheless, seems to be another widely used available option.

Where fans bought their merchandise 

Where fans hope to buy their merchandise from?

Perhaps, a more in depth survey should be carried out by parties who are authority in this aspect to have a clearer understanding of the sentiment to gauge if merchandising, one of the important revenue generators for professional sporting clubs around the world, is something worth look into for the clubs with privatization is within the horizon.

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