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Mitre - The New Match Ball Sponsor of S.League

Various players from S.League clubs with the new match ball   The long-to-be-seen hype surrounding this season's S.League has added another talking point with the introducing of its new official match ball - Mitre Delta Hyperseam Football , when it was officially unveiled this afternoon at the Jalan Besar Stadium. Under this new partnership, Mitre, the world’s oldest manufacturer of footballs, will provide match balls for all S.League, Prime League, Singapore Cup, League Cup, COE League, National Football League and Island Wide League matches for the next five years. Mitre will the official ball and product supplier for the next five years Mitre Delta Hyperseam Football This is the same match ball used in both The Football League and Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) in England and Scotland respectively. FEATURES • Featuring Mitre's latest technology Hyperseam, the only technology that fuses stitched and bonded seams to give players the benefits of


Fans waiting patiently for their turn Not very often we would have an S.League club do something like this before the start of any season, but it is an encouraging sign. Judging from the turnout at the “Meet and Greet” session organized by Home United at the Bishan Stadium this evening which, at the same time, allowed supporters to catch a glimpse of the players' training session. Prior to the start of the first autograph session, both players and backroom staff were individually introduced to the crowds before it was adjourned to the open training session that was concluded with a match between “Team A” and “Team B” with the former scored a 4-1 victory over the latter. By then, eager fans were already formed along the stairways of the main stand for the second autograph session with new signings like Faris Ramli, Khairul Nizam, Irfan Fandi with skipper Juma'at Jantan at the first of the row on the limited edition posters that went on sale in conjunction with the even

Last Ditch To Salvage A Legacy?

Lim Chin is thinking of a way to "fit S.League into the ASL system". Even though many are skeptical, they still see it as an opportunity to place the ailing S.League as the priority again after Lions XII's acrimonious exit from the Malaysian league. Unfortunately, it will not be the case when the top man of the league, himself, declared: "If we agree that the ASL (Asean Super League) will be a good platform for us to build a strong national team, then we should all work together to achieve that... We have to find a creative way to transform the S.League into a system to fit into the ASL model," The presser of the recent FAS AGM (credit: FAS) Those words by S.League's CEO Lim Chin at the recently concluded FAS (Football Association of Singapore) AGM shattered those who harboured hopes to see the country's only professional sports league be given the attention it badly needed to unplug itself from life support. But with the game's local

[Annual Review] - Was "HE" There on 28th of November 2015?

I hope that guy, who dropped me an email on the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2012 to chide me for not covering the Malaysian League, did turn up for the game on the  28th of November at the Jalan Besar Stadium (JBS). If he did, I am not sure how he felt now when he expressed his disappointment in me in that email for not witnessing a "saviour" in the form of a newly formed team - LionsXII that were set to be the "next conqueror" after making "our Great Return to Malaysian football" which he opined was "better than any S-League game" he saw. The KGS is gone - a symbol of Lions XII's MSL involvement I would only say I made that decision without any regret and am glad I did, as I merely adhere to what "Uncle" Choo Seng Quee envisaged a long time ago when he said playing in the Malaysia Cup will not see improvement in our game when we are facing their state teams using our national team that we should be aiming for the pi

Making Up For The Lost Time

"This was for me the hardest night of international football in my career. The two players on my side were like horses, running up and down, and I didn't expect that (Almawas) was that fast, or that (Al Shibbli) was that good." Those words expressed in the papers by defender Shakir Hamzah after Singapore's 2-1 defeat to Syria last month came as a shock to me. "I didn't expect ... was that fast, or that ... was that good." were those keywords tersely summarized by the 23-year-old on both Mahmoud Almawas and Alaa Al Shibbli who rugged him that night at Kallang. Shakir Hamzah (right) got it past Japan's Keisuke Honda (4) Moreover, it wasn't the first time we faced the Syrians whom we narrowly lost to weeks ago on the road which was why I was taken aback by those quotes. To be honest, I would never anticipate thoughts like "didn't expect ... was that fast ... was that good" to be said after an international competitive