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Potential Players with Merits to be selected for Singapore National Squad.

Having saw what he tweeted in the first place, I prompted Mr Neo Chee Seong (who contributed an article last month) to come up with his list of players to fill up the vacuum after the disband of the Singapore National Team.

Many thanks to Mr Neo for sharing his views on this issue.

Potential Players with Merits to be selected for Singapore National Squad.
Neo Chee Seong

I based the potential players with regards to not participating in Asian Cup Qualifiers, Suzuki Cup or Asian Games.

People say Singapore has got no talent, I do not agree. I feel Singapore has sufficient talents to compete with ASEAN's best.

However, not with big headed players who took their place for granted.

This is my squad of 23 (player by player comparison. existing players in brackets,bold)

- Yazid Yasin (Geylang) (Lionel Lewis)
- Zaiful Nizam (Gombak) (Hassan Sunny)
- Fadhil Salim (Hougang) (Izwan Mahbud)

Yazid Yasin of Geylang United is hard to beat on his day


- Shahril Alias(Home) (Baihakki Khaizan)
- Adrian Dhanaraj (Geylang) (Precious)
- K Sathiaraj(Balestier) (Rosman Sulaiman)
- Jonathan Xu (Geylang) (Safuwan Baharudin)
- Jeremy Chiang (Gombak) (Noh Rahman)
- Bah Mamadou(Gombak) (Afiq Yunos)
- Zulfadli Zainal Abidin (Home) (Juma'at Jantan)
- Razaleigh Khalik (SAF) (Vice-Captain) (Dan Bennett)

Gombak United's right back Jeremy Chiang (number 7) played in last January's King Cup in Thailand.


- K Vikraman (Balestier) (Riduan Mohamad)
- Syaqir Sulaiman (Balestier)
- Naufal Omar Ashiblie (Home) (Mustafic Faharudin)
- Nor Azli Yusoff (Home) (Isa Halim)
- Ismadi Mukhtar (Tampines) (Khairul Amri)
- Imran Sahib (Tampines) (Fazrul Nawas)
- Azlan Alipah (Woodlands) (Captain)
- Asraf Abdul Rashid (Home) (Shadan Sulaiman)

Nor Azli Yusoff (3) was last season's skipper of Sengkang Punggol

- Zulkiffli Hassim (Gombak) (Agu Casmir)
- Azhar Sairudin (Hougang) (Maszrezwan Masturi)
- Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin (Tampines) (Alex Duric)
- Aliff Shafaein (Tampines) (Shahril Ishak)

Always in every fans' mind why Ahmad Latiff was not in the Lions after 2006, so has the disband see the light of tunnel for him to don the red jersey?

I would like to see how many of this list of players gets the nod based on "Merit" as per what Raddy said. A mixture of youth + experience. My selection of the players, none of them has played for the National Team in any of the tournaments mentioned.

If I were Raddy, I will pit the existing team against this team, and show those in the current team there are always more than capable replacement.

These 23 players of my choice are IMHO the more consistent players turning out for their teams, and they have always been the difference when they are on the pitch.

I was quite reluctant to include Bah (Mamadou) in my team because he is part of FTS and as a Singaporean Football Fan, I hope to see the entire squad made up of born and bred Singaporeans. No foreigners. It is okay for me to watch my national football team lose, but they have to lose with pride.

And not using their mouth as a tool for performing. It is definitely a good suggestion to disband the existing squad and come up with fresh blood. And I would like to see out of my 23 players, how many will eventually get selected in the first Singapore team of 2011.

I am backing at least half(13/25) of them to be in the first squad that will be announced very soon. Reputations count for nothing. Forget the heroics of Amri And Alam Shah on the past editions of the Suzuki Cup.

What we need are players of the future. And my list, if selected, can stay for a good 5 years, before promoting some of the young lions and cubs from the U-18s to the first team.

Patience is the key. No disrespects to the players that will be dropped. Success and failure are determined by silverwares. No Silverwares no talk.

And I suggest playing 3-5-2 instead of a flat back four.

GK: Yazid Yasin

DCR: Jonathan Xu
DC: Razaleigh Khalik
DCL: Adrian Dhanaraj

DML:Ismadi Mukhtar
DMR:K Vikraman
MC:Azlan Alipah (Captain)
MC:Naufal Omar Ashiblie
MC:Nor Azli Yusoff

FW: Aliff Shafaein
FW: Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin

** Views expressed may not necessary be that of the blog owner, thanks**


  1. Bah Mamadou was nvr part of FTS

    He got citizenship on his own like Duric & Wilkinson

  2. Yazid Yesss I fully support... when he is inform u can c he has the potential

    coming up is siddiq durimi.

  3. i applaud your effort, but in reality, the team you selected will struggle to beat laos/cambodia..

    Your back 3 is awful, all 3 of them are prone to making mistakes, if u put them tog in an Sleague team, that team will most prob end up near the bottom.

    As much as I feel the NT needs overhaul, Raddy has to keep a core grp of players to bring up the youngsters..


  4. Hi Happy,
    I made a blunder that Bah is a FTS product. He married a Singaporean and live just below my flat about 9 years ago. =)

    Hi Annoymous,
    Definitely, the ever smiling custodian deserves another call up to the national side. It was him, when Geylang won the 2009 Singapore cup, and it was him again, whom save Geylang on many occassions during 2010.
    Siddiq Durimi needs to have more first team opportunities. A good shot stopper cum Sweeper. ;)

    Hi PC,
    Yea, i totally agree with you. But in actual fact, these players are not as bad as you describe. And looking back at the subject again. Its about selecting players with "Merit". Committment, Mental strength, and dedication are important criterias. So i based my selections on that.

    Finish near the bottom three? I doubt so. All three are once "Capped" players less Jonathan. And Even with the fact that he's uncapped, he is definitely way better than the 2 even more error prone players(i dun need to name. everyone knows) playing in the heart of defence imho.

    And i certainly do not mean to offend anyone with these choices. ;)

    Even if a good core of players needs to be retained, it will never be the same backline that suffered its fate in Vietnam, imho.

    I belief alot of readers will bang me with Aliff's committment and dedication doesnt allow him to be called up to the national side. But in my opinion, if he hadn't been involved in that case, everyone will think that he is god. agree?

    I ever came across half a squad of Singapore U-23 players hanging out in Zouk when there is a game in two days time. That was about 6 years ago to be excat. And it will be pointless to name them. And all of them that i saw are in the current team that played in vietnam. So who doesnt make mistakes?

    I may not be the best person to judge because i am not a player who is up to their standards.

    But all the comments are based on facts, and not assumptions, whatsoever. :)

    And for your info, if this team that i picked were to lose to Laos/Cambodia, i will never ever kick a ball again. ;)


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