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S.League to sit for 'O' level exam in 2011

My spotlight-shy friend, who brought us his yearly review mentioned in "point-form" the other day, came back with another SMS which he texted me days ago... (P.S: Those in GREEN are what he texted, while whatever mentioned in the brackets are my take of the events)

Next year will be GCE 'O' level for S.League.
  • 1st yr-Many fans came to visit & showered baby with gifts.
    (Remember those days at the start of the S.League when the fans flocked in see what's in store for us?)

  • End of 2nd,3rd, Parents Pay cut due to recession.
    (The economic crisis that made all to tighten their belt with the 20% pay cut across the board)
  • 4th&5th coming up.
    (Things are starting coming up as suggested.)

  • 6th K2 in 2001,started to have extra rounds to prepare for Primary,teachers from Manchester & Liverpool came to teach us.
    (The league begun the three-round format and have that ever since, Kallang was filled with crowds with Michael Owen and David Beckham came to town)
  • 7th yr Pri1 end of 2002,mix with wrong companies,Young Lions, an early marriage Balestier & Clementi, China parents sent their kids to S'pore.
    (Three players were banned for several months for their involvement in betting; Balestier Central and Clementi Khalsa merged to form Balestier Khalsa; with Chinese-based Sinchi FC joined as the league's first foreign club.)

    After they left S.League in 2005, the name "Sinchi" appeared in Vivocity (pictured above)
  • 2004 japanese came
    (Albirex Niigata made an impressive start to their debut season)
  • 2009 & 2010 Sec2, Sec3 some felt too stressed,went to study in Indonesia,Thailand,some caught playing cards,smoking & report late.
    (The supposedly cash-rich Indonesian clubs came and raided the top players from our league for the last two years. Some bad publicity saw some national players misbehaved while on duty)

ISL-based Baihakki Khaizan (pictured above) cheekily poke the ear of Khairul Amri
  • 2011 let's see 0 Level
    (Unless we really buck up, if not we got to retake the exam)
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