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Noticed the "M" or "W" effect in recent matches??

Geylang United (pictured above) after their exit from the AFC Cup, notched up some impressive result only until recently they lost to Balestier in the Cup SAFFC on last mid-week and Etoile over the week.

SAFFC's (pictured below) topsy-tury form continue after bounced back to beat Geylang, lost to an impressive Bulls in front of live TV audience, despite coach Bok claimed his team worked hard which was something for all to convince if that's the case.

Tampines Rovers suffered a shock defeat at the hands of Young Lions last mid-week, before came back strongly to whack Beijing last night, and while completed their "last-of third-in-seven" when they squared off against Etoile in the mouth-watering match in JBS.

While Stags' coach Vorawan Chitavanich (pictured below, middle of the white-shirted) has not been forthcoming on whenever if the packed schedule has begun to take toils on his "Dads' Army", but the sight of "blowing hot and cold" is definitely something not quite of he liking, especially his team is still holding a slim lead at the top over the rest.

On the hindsight though, things may be blowing hot and cold for these teams, it has been a season that caused a few unimaginative results with some impressive results from the perceived minnows.


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