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My first Etoile home game....[edited]

Just back from my first Etoile home game at Queenstown Stadium.

Allow me to put up some pictures I snapped, while I try to consolidate my thoughts as it's getting late at the time I'm typing this... Thank you


Along Stirling Road, where the Queenstown Stadium is located. I remembered the first time I came to this old arena where I was still a small kid, not for a match though but for coming to age birthday celebration of a maternal cousin.

And this was also the place, I first met Mr PN Sivaji, the ex-national coach whom was the first person I interviewed as a media worker, in person again not for a match but my ITE was having its' sports meet and Mr Sivaji was on his way to his office.

The entrance of the stadium.

The ticketing booth

For $10 - you get a match program and a coupon to redeem an Etoile T-Shirt and a great match that the club always promise.

The merchandise booth.

View from the stand, near to the main entrance of the stadium.

View from the stand, behind the goal-posts.

The French supporters - they picked up the phrase "Referee Kayu" and used it when they deemed appropriate.

This side of the stand tend to be crowded, as it's near to the main entrance (maybe...)

The lucky winner who walked away with the $3,000 cash lucky dip.


I must admit it wasn't easy to write something about Etoile.

In fact, this is being the third draft I used after my first Etoile home game last night.

Since making its debut almost two months ago at the local football scene, the French outfit have been everybody's talking point for it's bashful way market itself to the local masses.

Yes, it's unfair to pass the judgement until the verdict is out but some quarters in the local fraternity are worried if Etoile are pricing itself beyond the reach of ordinary folks by charging $10 per admission at their designated Queenstown stadium.

So far, it's mixed reaction for the fans.

For those who are willing to part the red dollar note, insisted that good entertaining football is what it's all about, while those who are budget-cautious would think twice if it's would the trip down to this sleepy part of the island, where amenities and recreational facilities are bare minimum.

Perhaps, that's the reason why one of the key features in Etoile's application is to convert the ageing arena into a lifestyle hub that included a restaurant, a gymnasium, etc. (as what I read from the papers)

Although, at this stage there was no update of this ambitious program in the club negotiation with the landlord, SSC. Hunch feeling is that it might hit a kerb, as this is a not a new idea as other clubs like the defunct Clementi-Khalsa and Super Reds had similar idea for Clementi and Yishun stadium respectively.

However, looking on the brighter side that this proposal given the nod, the means to attract the potential patrons would prove a challenging task ahead.

First of all, there will be limited parking slots outside the ground, which inside a relatively quiet neighbourhood comprises blocks of HDB flats and few rows of terrace houses with nearest available being a few blocks away – the multi-storey car park utilized by the local residents.

As for the public transports, while there are few bus services available and the Queenstown MRT station is merely 10-minute walk away, but ultimately I would think the niche group the club are targeting are those who can drive to the venue.

Nonetheless, I would like to reserve my comment until things get more clearer...

(P.S: Please fee free to correct me if I made any factual mistakes as what I mentioned were gathered from sources, talking among compatriots, etc.).


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