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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A "BlastFromThePast" post suggested...

Flashback July 2007
I am kind of busy with my day job commitments that I am not able to devote much of my time on local football of late.

Which is why I thought it is not a bad idea to have those "BlastFromThePast" archival postings via the blog's Facebook page to allow readers to reminisce some interesting entries from the past.

Not only those old entries get to be dusted off from the attic, but also good for all of us to reflect, evaluate the development of local football over the past few seasons.

A question to ponder....
It was during one of those random postings that were synchronized with the tweets, a reader feedback this particular entry from July 2007 (pictured above) that depicted the image of former Malaysian national coach Norizan Bakar after their disastrous Asian Cup campaign, which they co-hosted with other neighbouring countries.

The poor showing by the Harimau then prompted an unprecedented Malaysian cabinet reviewing (1) (2) of the team's display.

"What I'm trying to say is, do we need this (similar) incident happen in Singapore National Team before it's too late to mourn?" tweeted @abearfromSEA.

He went on added:"Perhaps you can post it as 'blast from the past' to remind everybody including FAS and the related stakeholders need to get things right if we want to move upwards and not suffered like the Malaysians.

Recent win over HK shall not be seen as another false start
"For now, I fear, and always fear that Singapore national team might get this results (like what happened to the Malaysians back in 2007) , judging from slip ups and 'half past six' of FAS."

"It might not be asian cup for we are too small, but it can be anything, so long is hosted in Singapore ..." he concluded.

I don't really blame this kind of skepticism facing the scene that has been hogging us as long as we can remember, but the above feedback is probably some of concerns that are by far too many echoed by many.

The thing is what would be that positive thing that will give us that glimpse of hope?

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  1. hey buddy regarding your lack of time to post, it is ok, we all understand that we have a life and somethings it keeps us too busy to do other things, but I hope to keep reading new posts


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