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Friday, March 13, 2009

Mixed feeling but it's a prayer answered after almost 13 years... (edited)

TODAY (13th March 2009)

Yeah, out of sudden the news broke that former Singapore idol Abbas Saad's lifeban, imposed on him in 1995, being lifted.

While yours truly is a strong advocate for against "that thing", I do admit that I have soft spot of this Lebanese-born Australian star who captured hearts (especially, those girls') of the thousands of those who thronged the National Stadium in the early 90s, as I still maintained that he was forced into circumstances then.

Abbas Saad - ex Singapore idol

In one of my earliest postings of BoLASEPaKO (below), I asked for the lifeban to be lifted after the FIFA had lifted the world-wide ban that allowed him to resume his footballing career in 1996.

(Warning: a lot of grammatical and spelling errors)

If we turned back the clock and FTS was in place then, no doubt about it, this man would be the first foreign-born player to don the red top of the national team with no objection (even Abbas himself pleaded if he could play for the national team then after winning the Malaysia Cup in 1994).

Good to see him back, Abbas..

(P.S: I would like to apologize for a mistake I made in my 1996's posting that I mentioned,"he (Abbas) was forced under circumstance to accept bribe to fix a match".

But a check with various sources [1, 2 and 3] and confirmed that Abbas, himself, never received any money and pulled out from the arrangement after three matches. On the whole, Abbas played a minor role. He was a first-time offender.

As such, I would like to offer my sincere apology to Mr Abbas Saad for the error I made - I'm SORRY.)


  1. Hopefully Abbas can return to Singapore soon and work with our football. I understand how you feel about this piece of news. He was an hero when I was a child too. :)

    Thanks for this blog too. It's great work.

  2. Mixed feeling when I read the news but I think I also follow Pohui instinct that we have a soft spot for abbas and it's a shame he did not get to play for S'pore.

  3. Po Hui

    On your comment that Abbas could be the first FTS to don Lions colour, pls note that Abbas was already a full international for Australia with 4 caps then. Hence it is impossible for him to represent Singapore even if he later opted for the red passport.

  4. Hi "Anonymous" (posted on 14 March 2009 10:32:00 o'clock SGT),

    Thanks I guess I missed that point you mentioned but I did recalled Abbas did make that plead to don the Lions' top then.

    FYI to all, Abbas made his Australian debut in 1992 against Malaysia.

  5. U r indeed too 'soft' when it come to Abbas :D

    My feeling on this is no secert.

    He is no angel as he did took $ & the DPP hve shown the case it was use 2 fuel his lifestyle then as well as the fact Kedah won the 93 Final as Abbas was 'asked' to give way.

    He of course 'claimed' he nvr did it except to 'aid' S'pore (for more $ - go figured).

    It hard to claim he was 'forced' into it when he cnnt deny the $ was used 2 fuel his nightlife.

    Anyway, the ban is lifted & it is FAS choice & no right or wrong as they wnted to move on but at this pt, it is best if Abbas is invloved in S'pore as it will hurt S'pore football fight in football corrpution.

    Another 10 years down the rd. Maybe

  6. Shld be this. Sorry

    Anyway, the ban is lifted & it is FAS choice & no right or wrong as they wnted to move on but at this pt, it is best if Abbas is NOT invloved in S'pore as it will hurt S'pore football fight in football corrpution

  7. Hi "happy"..

    I will not comment on your thoughts/opinions on this Abbas issue..

    All I can say is I blogged (wrote) that 1996's article based on what I known and truth to my knowledge then..

    With Regards

  8. Adding this but nt trying to start a debate, just to make my feeling Abbas shld nt coach in the S-league if his idea he has done nothing wrong is pass to youngsters


    Anyway, the ST interview with Abbas make my POV more certain that Abbas shld nt be coaching w/ S-league for the time being

    In it, reporter Wang Meng Meng had written (but with no quotes so it may be the case, Abbas had given him the hint or feeling) Abbas felt 'pulzzed' he was punished for he was helping a friend

    It is nt good if he pass such ideas to the juniors as we will hve cases where those match fixers say he was just 'helping' a friend as their coach teach them thereis nothing wrong w/ fixing matches to score & help a friend

    There is a diff btn Helping a friend & committing a crime


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